Digital PR & Outreach

We find out what websites your customers read and share online, get to know their journalists and use our secret approach to outreach to give them a killer hook that results in media coverage.

What is Digital PR & Outreach?

  • Target Audience Research

    Target Audience & Industry Research

    Forget about useless personas. We find out what Dave, 25 who likes PS4 and Maltesers (probably) actually reads and shares online, to help us come up with winning content ideas and what websites to pitch them too.

  • Content Framework

    Content Framework

    Journalists need a hook to get a content idea approved by their editor. By identifying seasonal dates, trends and upcoming events in your niche, we’ll give it to them.

  • Run Online Surveys

    Data and stats always make a great, linkable story. First, we’ll devise and run your survey. Then, we'll write up the key facts & facts to use them as an link building asset.

  • Deep Linking

    Link Prospecting

    Identifying and networking with the Bloggers & Journalists in your niche that have linked to similar content, or your competitors so we can get your content coverage.

  • AMP

    Blogger & Journalist Outreach

    We take a PR approach to outreach with an SEO twist. Our secret approach involves pre-outreach, giving exclusives and calling over emailing journalists. See the results below.

  • Content Distribution

    Content Distribution

    Using Native Advertising platforms such as Taboola, Outbrain & StumbleUpon to act as a catalyst for earned traffic, links and shares.

How it works


1. Identify your business objectives & KPIS


2. We'll advise on recommended strategy


3. Agree delivery plan


4. We'll deliver to an exceptional standard


5. Review against KPIS and begin next steps

Our Latest Project

What Are Your Toy’s Worth Now?


840 social shares

42 links earned

We created an Interactive Quiz for Two Little Fleas that shown what childhood toys from the 80’s & 90’s are worth now using data from sales. Using Christmas as a key hook, it was covered on The Daily Mail, Mirror, NYLON & BT Lifestyle alongside a number of popular video gaming websites.

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